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Guys, It looks like the commish loaded the file.  On my play file, Tanana, Walling etc are all on the farm as should have been by statement below.  Rosema, Kison, Splittorff are the 1st 3 SP listed and all are or would be rested.  

Not taking sides, just stating what I see on the file.  

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Tom: If your file wasn't loaded then the problem was with me and not Bill or the visiting owner.

I am sure I loaded your file since it's usually the first one I get. Are you sure the lineups/rotations were out of "sync" with what you wanted. Remember as well that the LM generator will change lineups and starting pitchers IF they are tired or wornout.

On Saturday, August 18, 2018, 4:05:18 PM EDT, Thomas Battiato via Groups.Io <Dodger300@...> wrote:

The c-file is time-stamped 1:39, and the f-file results were time-stamped 3:16. 

I wouldn't have minded if the games took an extra minute or two to complete, so that the new c-file would have been loaded and my correct lineups and rotation could have been used.

1. The wrong rotation was used for me team.
2. Frank Tanana started game two, and he is not even on my active roster.
3. Denny Walling started game two, and he is not on my active roster, either.
4. John Montefusco relieved in game five, and he is another one who was down on the farm.

This is at least the FOURTH time this season in which the home manager did not load the new c-file before playing the games.

I am not protesting this series, but c'mon guys. Please take the time to load the new c-file BEFORE playing the games. That is just common sense, and an issue of fair play that we all owe to our opponents.


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Week/series #20 play c-file attached. Results due Wednesday evening.



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