Re: Harpers Ferry cuts and MBF question


I checked a 1981 season in a league I ran a few years ago.  With the players working on 162 games based on 104, Niekro had 1018 batters to Bird's 937.  

I just reititialized the sked with 162 based on 106 (what it said it was in the rules) and Niekro should have 1000 batters to Bird's 923.  

My team is out of whack as well.  Glitch somewhere.  

On June 22, 2020 at 10:37 PM "Chris Strovel (Harpers Ferry Federal Armory)" <strovel@...> wrote:

Harpers Ferry bids adieu to:

Dan Graham

Ron Hodges (we don’t need no steenking Hodges)

John Harris

Duane Kuiper

Bobby Brown

Gary Woods

Ricky Peters

Steve Stone

Guy zzHoffman

Rich Bordi


1981 file attached


Also, I noticed Niekro has more innings pitched than Bird, but Bird has a lot more MBF assigned to him. Anybody else seeing MaxBF issues?





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Subject: [Special] [ASSL] ASSL '81: Pre-Draft File


Here's the official pre-draft c-file. Please get your cuts to 30 or fewer by Friday. As soon as all cuts are in we can start trading, drafting et cetera.

Should be clean but double check for errors/dropped players/uncarded.



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