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Mike Eliyas

I am just not convinced it will improve things now if you want to add playoff teams I can go for that anything that includes no divisions I am against

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Why, Mike? Please explain to help me understand your reasons. Thank you!

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I am against both ideas

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If you play an unbalanced schedule determining the wild cards has the same problem.  You're comparing the records of teams who played different schedules.  Better to eliminate divisions.

John Anderson

On Apr 19, 2020, at 3:01 PM, Thomas Battiato via <Dodger300@...> wrote:

A question that I've always wondered about:

1. We play as balanced a schedule as possible to get to 162, with everyone playing 9 teams x 10 games (90) each, and 8 teams x 9 games each (72). It doesn't matter whether or not a team is in our division.

So why do we even have divisions? Why not let the five best teams into the post-season? 

I don't understand why Harper's Ferry, which is going to finish plus or minus five games ahead of Czech, but is not in the playoffs. The better team is punished because of the other teams in its division are great. Czech is only in playoffs because the teams in his division are worse, even though it won quite a bit fewer games against than Harper's Ferry against an identical schedule. (Not singling out either of these tems, they just happen to be the teams in the bubble teams this year.)

2. I think that if we are going to continue with 3 divisions that the schedule should reflect that. Play the 5 teams in our division x 18 (90), the 12 non-division teams x 6 (72) = 162. Then a division championship would really mean something because we played different schedules. Czech would deserve to be in instead of Harper's Ferry if they end up with the same records they did this year, but played completely different schedules.

3. So, I am making a proposed change for next year that we play an unbalanced schedule.


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Sorry, I should have made this clear so that the post seasons teams can better prepare. The league constitution/rules is in the groups file section.

From the constitution:

                          III - POSTSEASON SETUP
1) Each division winner plus the teams with the fourth and fifth best overall records (wildcards) will make the post-season.
A) The team with the best overall record will receive a first round bye. Meanwhile, the two wildcard winners play a best-of-seven. The remaining two teams – winners of the other two divisions - will play each other in the other semi-finals also in a best of seven.
B) The winner of the wildcard series will then face the team with the best overall record. The winner of the other semi-finals will play the winner of that series.

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