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This game is hard to figger.   Last week Seltzer struggled with last place Polish.  Their pen got ripped apart.  This week vs a then 1st place and probably better than Seltzer Mudville team, they swept them.   The Seltzer pen went 11.1 innings of 1 run (unearned) ball in the series notching 2 wins and 3 saves.  The whole pitching gave up just 12 runs in 5 games.

Game 1

Rick Miller's only hit of the game drove in pinch runner Jerry Remy with the game winner in the bottom of the 11th in a 4-3 Seltzer win.  Bill Castro went 3 scoreless for the win.  Eddie Murray drove in 2 for Mudville.  Seltzer survived 3 errors.  

Game 2

Jim Sundberg's rbi double with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th was the game's only run as Seltzer won 1-0.  Matt Keough bested Moose Haas.

Game 3

Bill Buckner's 2 run double in the 5th erased a 2-1 hole and the Seltzer pen held on for a 3-2 win.  Andy Hassler got his 3rd save.

Game 4

Highest scoring game of the set.  Seltzer saw a 4-0 1st inning lead evaporate.  They saw a 7-4 lead get trimmed to 7-6, all in just the 1st 4 innings.  Ron Cey and Ben Oglivie each took a Mudville penner deep for homers in the 9-7 win.  Seltzer took advantage of some weak OF arms for extra bases.  Only 1 of Mudville's 11 hits went for extra bases vs 5 of 11 for Seltzer.   Joe Beckwith got his 6th save.

Game 5

Bob Stanley tossed 8.2 scoreless innings with the help of 2 DP's with runners on 1st and 3rd.  1 was a lineout.  Seltzer got 6 walks as JR Richard was wild (surprise)  1 set up the first run and a Buddy Bell error (he had 2) led to the other run in a 2-0 win.  Andy Hassler got Al Oliver to GIDP to end the game for his 4th save.  

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Week/series #11 play c-file attached. Results due Wednesday evening.

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