Jovian Vortex Hunter By Maciej Soltynski ·
Interesting 50-page summary history of the French contributions to observationaal astronomy and optical-system design 3 messages By Douglas Bullis ·
Saving the night sky: New Zealand's craziest experiment yet? By Maciej Soltynski ·
NASA says Starlink Gen2 may cause problems for Hubble and asteroid detection 2 messages By Maciej Soltynski ·
Fury as Elon Musk accused of 'blocking the SKY' as fears grow that he'll trap us on Earth By Maciej Soltynski ·
Selection of New IAU Centre for the Protection of the Dark and Quiet Sky from Satellite Constellation Interference By Maciej Soltynski ·
Important IAU conference on protecting skies from satcons like Starlink, tomorrow at 18:00 UT. Interested parties may watch at links provided at bottom of press release. By Douglas Bullis ·
IAU OAD External Review & 10 Years of OAD (video) By Maciej Soltynski ·
Inspiring story for all of us who encourage the next generation of astronomers By Douglas Bullis ·
A worthy read: New York Times article on limits of satellite internet technology 2 messages By Douglas Bullis ·
ASSA now has a group membership in the Antique Telescope Society By Douglas Bullis ·
Who reads Nightfall? 2 messages By Douglas Bullis ·
NASA Releases Interactive Graphic Novel “First Woman” 2 messages By Maciej Soltynski ·
Deadline for Africa Forum approaching: 15th September By ·
What satellite constellations will accomplish beyond enriching a new tech industries By Douglas Bullis ·
The latest 'Nightfall' has been posted on the ASSA Deep-Sky Section web page 2 messages By Douglas Bullis ·
Hubble is alive and well ! 3 messages By Maciej Soltynski ·
Construction of the world’s biggest radio telescope observatory authorised to start By Maciej Soltynski ·
A ray of hope for all of us scared witless by Musk et all monstrous satellite arrays 3 messages By Douglas Bullis ·
Recordings of the Belgian-ZA group chat are available on Dropbox By Douglas Bullis ·
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