LoTW Downloads Failing - My Help Ticket Just Submitted to LoTW Help

Anthony Hackenberg


I too am experiencing the problem that DOWNLOADS from LoTW into my logging program (running under Windows 10) suddenly started to fail today (10/15/2018).  Of course, they were working fine just a day or two ago.  Since the ARRL LoTW's support staff is in the process of switching over their certificate processing to a more secure ("better"?) method, we are all suspicious that the ARRL's change "broke" some unexpected things and is causing this download problem.  So, in addition to posting to this Group, you may want to submit a LoTW "Help Ticket" (like I just did) via this URL: http://www.arrl.org/lotw-help-ticket ).  Since this switch-over was not supposed to affect users running Microsoft supported operating systems but only those running much older (unsupported ones) and the fact that the download failure is affecting many different logging programs (ACL, LOGic, etc.), I think our suspicions about where the problem really lies are well founded.

Here's the gist of my LoTW Help Ticket submission:

TO: ARRL's LoTW Help Ticket
FM: Tony Hackenberg/K4QR
DATE: 12:56 10/15/2018
SUBJ: DOWNLOADS Failing from LoTW into N3FJP's ACL Application
Just today (10/15/2018), I started to receive two (2) error messages whenever I try to DOWNLOAD my records from LoTW into my logging program/application [N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log (ACL)].  This downloading process worked fine yesterday (10/14/2018); it's failing today (10/15/2018).  
Curiously, I can log onto LoTW via my web browser (Google Chrome) with no problems.  Curiously, I am able to UPLOAD records from ACL to LoTW with no problems.  
However, attempts to download records from LoTW via ACL fail repeatedly.  The first error message complains about not being able to create a SSL/TLS secure channel.  While the second one's complaint is that the LoTW responded incorrectly (and then goes on to generically suggest you logon via your browser to see if LoTW servers are up).
Since today (10/15/2018) was ARRL LoTW's switch-over to "better" (more secure) certificate processing, I am suspicious that the download failures I am experiencing are tied to this cut-over.  However, I AM RUNNING WINDOWS 10 PROFESSIONAL (and Windows 10 was supposed to be work with your new certificate processing after the cut-over.
My configuration:
  HP Laptop (Envy)
  Running Microsoft's Windows 10 Professional (up-to-date)
  N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log application (aka "ACL"; up-to-date)
  Google Chrome (up-to-date; my default browser)
  Microsoft Edge (up-to-date; also installed on this laptop PC)
Hopefully, your LoTW programming staff/administrators can quickly investigate and resolve this download problem.

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