Impending Retirement of TLS 1.0/1.1 on ARRL Web Sites

Michael Keane, K1MK

Today's news story on the ARRL web site, ARRL Updating its Website Security Software, only mentions the main ARRL web site by name. However, the same changes are coming to all of ARRL's web presence at the same time (which will be Monday, 2018 Oct 15). The list of sites affected includes: Logbook of the World, Online DXCC, International Grid Chase, and any other ARRL web site which serves up pages via HTTPS.

One of the unavoidable consequences of implementing these mandated changes is that it will be a breaking change affecting older, less secure browsers. The list of browsers affected by this change and which will no longer be able to connect securely to any ARRL site after Oct 15 includes all versions of MS Internet Explorer prior to 11 .

A further implication of this changes is that apps running under versions of MS Windows which do not support IE 11 -- and that would mean all versions of Windows prior to Windows 7  SP1 --  are likely to be similarly affected and no longer be able to successfully connect to secure pages on any ARRL site (including LoTW) unless the application's developer has chosen to bundle a 3rd-party security library with their app.

That latter step -- an app includes its own, up-to-date security library rather the relying upon those services to be provided by the native OS -- is the path that was taken by TQSL developers several years ago. As a result, there will be no issue with TQSL ceasing to function on Oct. 15 on any operating system. 

Mike K1MK

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