Important Info regarding the SCS tracker I learned from Lynn! 7 messages By macclad44@... ·
30m RPR Stations copied By Lynn Deffenbaugh ·
For Lynn: Some RP Igates.. I haven't heard them, I only started from K4KPN and checked all the links to stations which heard this and their links and so on.. By macclad44@... ·
I need help .. with SCS tracker and gateway. Can someone talk to me? I can probalby fix this in seconds if I knew what I was doing wrong. 4 messages By macclad44@... ·
APRSISCE and TinyTrak4 with Bluetooth module. By cavuobservatory ·
I hear an APRS station SCREAMING in, the red light shows decoded packets, but I see NOTHING in my log to indicatie it. 2 messages By macclad44@... ·
OK I'm on. I switched antennas from my Jetstream JTV680 to a G5RV-lite. 10.147.3 USB By macclad44@... ·
who can hear me on 10.147.3 4 messages By Brad Ko6kL ·
OK I think I have everything running, now I'd like to find out who can hear me on 10.147.3 6 messages By macclad44@... ·
Mapping JS8Call stations to local APRSis32 map? 23 messages By KP3FT ·
scs robust packet TNC 8 messages By Jean-Pierre Desilets ·
Filter Out Objects 30 messages By Jerry N7YGE ·
3rd line in init code for SCS-tracker 9 messages By macclad44@... ·
3rd line in init code for SCS-tracker ahhhh.. By macclad44@... ·
I need some help configuring APRSISCE for Robust packet gateway... 7 messages By macclad44@... ·
crossband with 2 meters and 70cm question 15 messages By KP3FT ·
Happy New Year! By Michael Wright ·
IGateEnabled tracing (Dev: 2020/12/30 15:36) 4 messages By Lynn Deffenbaugh ·
APRSIS Internet to RF | I-Gate | Software to Kenwood TM-D710A 16 messages By VU2IB ·
No APRS.FI after creating an AGW port By jabrams2 ·
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