Windows Mobile (WM5 or 6) and running APRSISCE continuous

n1kcg <ktjensen@...>

Just some tips on how to run Winodws Mobile and to keep the APRSISCE application running continuous.

1) Turn off power save mode when plugged in. Typically you would have your cellphone plugged into a power outlet in the car to keep the application running, so why not just turn off any power save mode.

2) Turn off the AUTOMATIC LOCK tool in Windows Mobile. The locking tool seems to also deactivate any application running.

3) Turn off the AUTOMATIC SCREEN DIMMING tool. It also seems to deactivate any application running. Make sure you do not turn the screen off, as that puts applications in suspend.

I will be doing more testing with a screen blanker, and seeing how long the power can last with the APRSISCE running continuous.