Trying to understand the Log from "Port(KWD710(Pkt)"-- Solved

KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...>

I discovered that the setup did not like me using VSPE Virtual Serial Port Emulator. I'd made COM4:, the D710GA Port virtual to COM12: (for sundry reasons.

now I see a brief listing which ended quite a while ao)

WinMain:2019-11-07T19:40:20.070 Starting Port(KWD710(APRS))
Port(KWD710(APRS)):2019-11-07T19:40:20.070 CpReader Running on COM4:9600,N,8,1 (31 OpenCmds, 6 CloseCmds)
Port(KWD710(APRS)):2019-11-07T19:40:20.070 Opening COM4:9600,N,8,1
Port(KWD710(APRS)):2019-11-07T19:40:20.071 Opening COM4 with 4 Args
Port(KWD710(APRS)):2019-11-07T19:40:20.075 Opened COM4:9600,N,8,1, Flushing 0 in TransmitQueue, Sending 31 OpenCmds


now I see the next problem which I shall open in another thread.