SCS modem card TRXPTC

Wolfgang OH6DL


is someone using this board and could possibly assist with correct XML file for use with APRSIS32? I followed instruction given by Helge, SA7SKY in the Robust Packet Network Manual (page 11), The board connects via Bluetooth to the computer when firing APRSIS32, however neither beacons are sent, nor traffic via RF possible.

After going through the CMD open/close routine, the board disconnects and switches to STBY.

To assure the board is working, I used Alpha 4.0 in Pactor mode and FSK successfully on same TRCV (IC-7200).

RPN manual as well as Port Log attached.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

73´s, Wolfgang OH6DL

Wolfgang OH6DL

Solution: although the modem connects via Bluetooth only, use COM-Port when creating a new port in APRSIS. PC settings of serial-to-Bluetooth comport applied, APRSIS32 connects and controls the modem.