Satellite operation question

Bob KD7YZ <kd7yz@...>

The attachment depicts a few passes of ISS.
I was unable to find a "log" which would depict Sat related stuff. Thus
I used AGWPE's "Heard Station List" .
Where are the TLE's stored. I couldn't find anything in AppData, L or R.

I'd like to include nasa.all. It "appears" that only amateur.txt is used
for TLE's. However, recall that I am under a week of using APRS and
dumber than a box of rocks.

Are there any 'suggested Logging items I should activate in the program
vis-a-vis Satellite usage?

It seems that when activate <Ctrl-O> that all satellites are tracked. As
yet, I haven't found any menu items for Satellite's once I'd activated
Satellite in the program.