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I don't see any information on the SARTopo/CalTopo web site describing direct access to their map tile layers, but if anyone knows of the proper URL, the new development version of APRSIS32 may be able to access it.

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Has anyone tried to use the SARTopo maps yet?  If so, I would appreciate knowing how you accomplish that.  Tnx, WA4MJM

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Has MBTiles support been added to APRSISCE (yet?).

I think this was on the To-Do list, but Round-Tuits are probably in short supply. 

I have created specialized tile sets for my area and they have worked fine for several years in APRSISCE.
I have also created MBTiles files for these tile sets, and they work fine on Android using APRSISMO and mapping applications (ORUX).  (just moved to a Nexus3 and having issues selecting files in the directories that are listed ... but working on that)

So, looking forward to reducing maintenance issues by using one set of files on Windoze and Android. 
We are also replacing older laptops in our rescue vehicles, so map and overlay configurations are the hot topic

(Also thinking of KML/KMZ files instead of or in addition to GPX : the KMZ contain attributes, in GPX they must be individually configured : yeah we are copying XML from older to newer files, and we have a long list)

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