Passcode request

Rob Giuliano

Are you running the application in a protected area?
Protected areas such as:
1. Inside the ziup file -> you must extract the EXE file into a local unpretotected folder
2. Extracted into "Program Files" or some other Microsoft restricted folder
3. Folder is protect by virus protection
    Many folders are now (by default) read only) and you need to provide permissions to allow access to these folder.

Robert Giuliano

On Thursday, July 2, 2020, 7:02:46 PM EDT, David George <va3dpg@...> wrote:

Rob, I have followed the setup page to no end but still cannot get the map to appear to complete the setup. A small blue square is flashing on the screen to no end. Any suggestion?


On Jul 2, 2020, at 5:40 PM, Rob Giuliano <kb8rco@...> wrote:

Passcode for VA3DPG is 18080

This passcode will work for any -SSID ( you choose to use.
Because it is actually the APRS-IS network passcode, it should also work with other APRS-IS client software.

73 de
Robert Giuliano

On Thursday, July 2, 2020, 5:14:43 PM EDT, David George <va3dpg@...> wrote:

Please provide a passcode for David George call sign VA3DPG.

Thank you.