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Fred Hillhouse

They may be a bit different in view. Look at these two tiles.




The underlying data will be the same. Even OSM changed their schemes over time.


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Can I have the files from your server go into the same directory as the files from OpenStreetMap.org?  In other words, are they the same and compatible tiles, just from a different server?


If that’s OK, then I assume I could have two different Map Tile sets configured into the same directory because it is really just one set of tiles.  So I can get slow delivery when I have the time, and “express delivery” when needed.  Am I still correct?

Thanks, Arnold, KQ6DI


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Just thought I'd post an interesting comment from one of the OSM admin team:

> The tile.openstreetmap.org CDN is at breaking point.
> We now frequently push more than 3Tb per second of traffic, with over
> 22000 requests per second/
> We are reaching the limit of what our current stack/config can handle.

So, if you're using OSM's main tile servers, please do NOT do massive
downloads of tiles.  We don't want APRSISCE/32 to be blocked for everyone.

If you want to download large areas of tiles for offline use, you can
set up a Configure / Map / Tile Set pointing to my current OSM tile
server.  It's slow, but it'll eventually deliver your tiles.

Name: LynnsOSM
Server: ldeffenb.dnsalias.net : 14171
URL: /hot/
Min: 0 Retain:8 Max:20

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  Note that my ports 6360 and 14160 current deliver OSM tiles from
b.tile.openstreetmap.org.  If you have a tileset specifying one of these
ports, please consider changing it to 14171 if you can stand the lag.


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