(Meta/MB) Tiles & More! (Dev: 2020/05/14 10:48)

Lynn Deffenbaugh

=========== 2020/05/14 10:48

Fixed infinite loop hang until memory is exhausted in Drive Multiline (discovered doing an outline of Rincon Mountains for tile testing)

Add MBTiles path visibiltiy to tile info popup (double-click empty space on map)

Support up to 64 (up from32) uniquely active hashes.  I really need to migrate this from bit mask to a dictionary lookup but concerned about View filtering performance.

Better support MBTiles for tile saving, although still no UI for it.

Support MetaTile fetching (ala APRSISMO) from my tile server (until I issue a pull request for my mod_tile updates and persuade the OpenStreetMap folks to run it (doubtful))

Update libcurl to support https from MBTiles-based Map Tile Sets. Note this added a crypt32.DLL requirement, so hopefully there won't be any issues.  No idea if this will ever build for Windows Mobile though!

Even if not fetching MetaTiles, a single tile download thread will get all required tiles within a single MetaTile.

Record and honor Expires/Max-Age from tile server.  This may cause more map tile fetches than you're used to as APRSIS32 will refresh expired tiles in the background, but only when you actually visit the area again (currently).  So you may be looking at what looks like a complete map, but still see an expanding yellow circle indicating tiles are being fetched.  This is normal, and the NEXT time you visit that area (after all caching has purged), you'll see the new version of the map tiles.

Since entire MetaTiles are queued to a single thread, the yellow expanding circle should have less granularity (bigger steps) as only metatiles are counted/executed instead of each individual tile.  This is regardless of whether metatiles or individual tiles are being fetched.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32