KAM-XL symbol

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Please see http://www.aprs.net/vm/DOS/SYMBOLS.HTM which documents symbol standards based on the -SSID for when the APRS packet doesn't contain any symbol information.  This is also documented on page 93 in the APRS101.PDF specification.

Not all APRS client applications implement the full specification, but APRSIS32 does implement the symbol hierarchy.

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On 10/21/2019 1:33 PM, Julian wrote:

Hi Lynn. Tnx for coming back on this one. The stn is M0IPU-8, a setup I was playing with on my KAM-XL. I am attaching couple of pics anyway. Re Red Dot, I have also read your Wiki doc on the subject, but I believe aprs.fi uses it for current location on iconless... stns/GPGGA statements. I am not 100%. I didn't go through their help files.

Regards, J, M0IPU YO3FCA

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Hi Lynn. Great. Tnx. I did actually come across this page (symbols.htm), maybe a couple of years ago. I remember now. I went past swiftly over the SSID defined icons section, quickly erasing it off my mind. I was saying to myself, ah, nobody uses that anymore... A decision with a boomerang effect, of course.
My question for a new thread is abt triggers in APRSIS, can events be triggered, an object (a defined repeater obj for ex) when a mobile station comes within RF range? Even more, can an event be triggered, a message, packet etc via IS or RF when a station comes in range of a particular area, a park, summit  etc?
Regards, J, M0IPU YO3FCA