HELP!!! Need Assistance Troubleshooting APRSIS32 Setup for I-Gate Operations

Dave / KL7BX

To ANYONE out there who may be able to help........  This is a rather long-winded request for some DEEP technical assistance with APRSIS32 software setups, so be ready for a long sit-down session, just to read thru it all.


Approximately 2-3 months ago, I activated a new APRS 2-Way (RF-IS-RF) I-Gate Station (KL7BX-10) on the air, with the help of a couple folks in this group, and some from the Tiny group, as well. THANK YOU ALL for that!!

I am a total NEWBIE at using APRSIS32 software, and have been TRYING to learn by reading thru the APRSIS32 Manual, but most of the info in the manual is going over my head, as far as HOW/WHAT needs to be properly setup the APRSIS32 software to do what I THINK I want/need it to do for my I-Gate operation.  I am a licensed Motorola RADIO repair technician by trade, but only have just enough technical knowledge on computers/APRS software to be known as "Dangerous".


My situation is probably going to be best handled via direct phone call contact, as I have been battling with the exact same, specific problem, running APRSIS32 for my I-Gate system operation, ever since I initially put my I-Gate system on the air.  I HAD been able to get it back up & running on my own during previous failures, but that was until tonight (Sunday / 3-29-2020).


If you feel willing and able to help, please contact me directly via e-mail at the address provided on the website for my Callsign, and I will send you my contact phone number by return e-mail, privately.  OR if you wish, send me YOUR phone number, and I will call YOU, directly. Either method works, for me.


Going back & forth via the group will probably take forever, due to my lack of in-depth computer/software knowledge/capabilities.



Dave / KL7BX

MSgt, US Air Force, Retired



Problem : Approximately every 36-48 hours of continuous operation on the WIN XP PC, the Wi-Fi adapter connection would be LOST, and it would refuse to re-connect to my in-home ATT DSL Router. NORMALLY I could get it to reconnect after either unplugging/re-plugging the USB adapter, and/or rebooting the PC and restarting APRSIS32 application.  Once wi-fi connection was re-established, everything operated just FINE for I-Gate operations again.  Not anymore.



I-Gate System Background info:


Am using COM1 RS232 db9 port of WIN XP PC to Tiny-Trak 4 2-way tracker unit/TNC in KISS mode. TT4 is connected to mono-band 2 Mtr mobile radio used as a base station with 70' HAAT omni antenna. No RADIO or TNC operation issues need troubleshooting. Only the PC / software portion is having issues.


Am running APRSIS32 Development version Client (by KJ4ERJ Built JAN 21, 2019), on an old donated Windows XP desktop (HP-Compaq) PC .... (Probably my whole problem??? JUNK/P.O.S. computer?)


I HAVE been running the I-Gate system 95% successfully for a couple months now, with only the afore-mentioned Wi-Fi connection failure, reboot/re-connection issues.  My System has now, after another wi-fi connection loss and re-establishment cycle, FAILED to restore normal I-Gate operation, and has reverted back to Digipeater ONLY operation now.   The APRSIS32 screen display now constantly alternates between "TT4A OK", & "APRS-IS Delay" at the top of the video monitor screen image. I CAN get it to Transmit manually, over the RF side, to a distant neighboring I-Gate Station, or digipeater path, by clicking on the Transmit function button in the APRSIS32 software. My station also DOES RECEIVE APRS stations over the air, just fine, according to the software screen displayed callsign lists.


ALL issues seem to be with the computer failing to maintain a continuous Wi-Fi connection to my in-home AT&T DSL Router Wi-Fi connection, for more than 48 hours.  All OTHER Wi-Fi devices in the household (approx. 6 other items) are working just FINE, with ZERO connectivity or failure issues.


I'm using a USB plugin Linksys WUSB6300N Adapter for Wi-Fi connection between the WIN XP PC and the AT&T DSL Router. (Had previously been using Belkin Wi-Fi Adapters, with exactly the same issue. No improvement or change in symptoms when recently changing from Belkin USB adapter to Linksys USB WI-Fi adapters.)


I have already consulted with a local computer guru, & changed the WIN XP PC from dynamic/DHCP, to Static/Assigned IP Address. The thought was that the DSL Router was occasionally re-assigning dynamic IP Addresses to various items in our home, and may have run out of available addresses, or had developed duplicate address conflicts. 

The change from Dynamic/DHCP mode to Static IP operations mode lasted exactly 36 hours before the final failure tonight.  (I've also already confirmed, in the AT&T DSL Router IP Assignments Table, that the IP Addresses listed in the Router DO match the Static IP Address in the WIN XP PC.  No IP Address duplication or mis-match between the two devices.)  I DO have access to the AT&T Router's internal Web Server data, with read/write privileges.


I have already gone thru numerous attempts to restore the I-Gate System operations by rebooting the PC, and looking in the APRSIS32 settings & restarting the application,  to see if something got corrupted/changed, but I don't have enough familiarity with all the different APRSIS32 software settings to know what's right or wrong.


My I-Gate system is now stuck in Digipeater ONLY mode. (I have confirmed this by verification of my station Beacon & Status/Comment data appearance times,  with the respective RF Path used, on the APRS.FI website "Raw Data" search for my I-Gate station Callsign.)



I'm pulling out what little hair I have left.   Please HELP!!!!


ANY help is appreciated!  THANK YOU!  Any takers?????



Dave / KL7BX

MSgt, USAF, Retired


Monday / 3-30-2020 / 1:00 AM CDT


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From: On Behalf Of Justin Cherington
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 7:44 PM
Subject: [APRSISCE] Fun with filters (Really just some questions)


Ok, I have used filters in Direwolf but am trying it in aprsis32 for the first time.  I entered two -b filters for two calls signs that involve pilots just swamping the area almost daily with 30 second beacon rates and WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1 paths.  I entered them in the Configure>General>add filters box.  I wish to ignore these guys and not gate them in either direction.

I then surprisingly got a pop up box (attached) that showed what I entered but also what looks like a 9 mile range filter around my location.  We have mountain top digis here with 80 mile ranges, (I decode them 50+ miles away all day) so I want to make sure I am not neglecting to gate some packets needlessly.  Or does the m/9 filter mean something altogether different?  I did not enter that so I assume it is one of the auto filters.  Thanks!