Happy New Year!

Michael Wright

I hope all will have a better year than the last. My big thanks to those that spend a lot of time providing assistance/suggestions/guidance to various questions people have asked. Let me tell you this is the most outstanding customer service ever! And it is for free.

My new thing for APRS this year is implementing Raspberry Pi computers to whatever applications of APRSISCE. Decided to jump in to the Linux world, figured use one of these lowcost computers to do APRS stuff instead of dedicating a full PC. And who knows where that will lead to. I hope to also post some results all part of contributing to the hobby.

Mike K6MFW

PS: Also don't need to write entire 2-3-2020, if write 2-3-20 someone can write "18" at the end and alter the timeline of a legal document. But now write 2-3-21, pretty obvious it was altered as got some time before the next century.