GPX import/export

Ryszard Labus

Hello Lyn, guys.

I found a minor but troublesome problem in APRSIS32.
During the cooperation with the search and rescue team. While searching
for a missing person.
I got from them data in GPX format.  These were files with sectors to
search, and landmarks.
I imported it easily. But when exporting data from APRSIS32 , my file
was not compatible with their (Garmin Basecamp) GPS software.
After a brief analysis I found that this could be easily fixed by adding
the following entry in the file header.


The header before the fix:
<gpx version="1.1" creator="APRSIS32 2019/01/21 17:53">

The header after the patch:
<gpx version="1.1" creator="APRSIS32 2019/01/21 17:53"

If you could fix it in the program to make the export file look like it
was after the fixes, it would be a great help.
Because of our (hams) well-developed cooperation with search and rescue

Best regards SQ9MDD

SINUX Ryszard Labus
ul. Domaniewska 47/10 02-672 Warszawa
NIP: 548-138-01-53 tel: 666385002