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David Shrum

Randy and Group,


Thanks again, that greatly slowed down the scroller, I also blocked another one that went by a name instead of a call. Apparently every once in a while I would see a 'flood', at least I'm guessing that's what it was, that scroller would also highlight the MICON in a red-ish color and it would be scrolling very fast then it would slow down again after a bit. Don't take this as me complaining, but since I didn't know what it was I was just wanting to be able to not see it since I didn't know what it was.


The way I'm using this program is strictly internet, no RF so I don't know if I would see you call, WF5X call coming through or not. Anyway, thanks for providing me with the info I requested.


Dave N8PU


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A little behind what you're seeing.


Traccar is running as a background service on my Android to do automatic reporting from my phone. 

( See that WF5X in the packet? That's me. )


Sometime over the course of the last few weeks, my work's internet access via the Guess Wireless connection has started to not find the traccar server.

Traccar stores up the unsuccessful position reports when network is unavailable and then dumps them en masse when a network connection is restored.

So, once it finally gets a connection to the server, it floods them out. 


I have found a way to keep the connection at work more stable, but it requires me to remember to start my VPN on my phone. 

Since I'm human, I forget sometimes, and then there's a flood when I remember to send start the VPN. 


MICON tactical calls are used by those of us associated with the multi-county reporting network used for Skywarn reporting to the NWS office for Detroit/Pontiac.

We run 90 sec reporting via traccar, which is autoforwarded to APRS-IS.  90 sec reports via APRS-IS is not really excessive, unless there's an unknown network connection loss, and the subsequent flood when it's restored. 


I'm trying to deal with the issue as best as I can with the limitations that my work has on their guess wireless access. 


But, to answer your question, yes, there is away to block them  -b/MICON*