Debug Log generation and APRSServer Modification

Lynn Deffenbaugh

(Copying DL1UL support for other's reference)

I don't see anything obvious wrong in the configuration file. Can you
do the following steps for me:

1) Turn on Enables/Debug Logging
2) Close the client
3) Restart the client
4) Wait a bit, maybe move around so the GPS changes
5) Close the client

And e-mail me the APRSISCE.LOG that should be in My Documents and
possibly synchronized to your PC. It is important that you get a copy
of this file BEFORE restarting the client as it is cleared on each restart.

I'm suspecting that your phone is having trouble connecting to the
APRS-IS server. I may recommend changing the <APRSServer> in the
configuration file from to your regional server of If you want to try this, make sure you only edit or
copy the APRSISCE.XML file with the client closed. This file is also
rewritten by the client when it is executing.

If you select "Info" on the "Me" popup menu (click on your station and
it should say "Me", the cascading menu should have an "Info" option), it
will show you the configured APRS-IS server so you can see if your
change took effect or was overwritten.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Watching for the .LOG file...

PS. For information on Tier 2 APRS-IS servers, see