Couple of comments after about a month of off and on use

svkaereste <fritzejohn@...>

My phone, using the HTC Touch/Sprint unlimited plan CE6.1

Comments about when screen goes dark; does program keep running? On the Touch, the answer is YES. The screen goes dark to save battery but all applications keep running. Push the power switch and screen is back up, everything including GPS is working. I didn't need to change any settings for this on the Touch.

Texting is much faster using my phone, over the Kenwood D710 or similar. Even though I don't have a real key pad on this phone, using the stylus and the on screen typing keyboard is a breeze.

It is taking some time to get the local digi owners to change their settings to the internet to get full duplex with radio based APRSers but they are coming around once I show them this program.

BTW, I love the phone icon. It brings interesting coments from FindU users ;-) Especially since my message is my phone number.

Everyone I've shown this to is WOWed by it!

My only negative comment is that + and - which I guess you asked the group about (before I tried the program) works opposite from any GPS I've owned so I have to stop and think about which way to press. + should be for zooming in for more detail. But don't change it on my account ;-)

This latest version has a couple of neat additions.

Keep up the good work! Thanks again,73