Centering your position...

Lynn Deffenbaugh

I'm assuming you're running without a GPS? Even so, there's two possible answers to your question.

1) If you're asking how to keep the screen centered on your position with a live GPS, just select Screen / Tracking / ME. To avoid breaking the centering action with an accidental drag of the map, also check Screen / Tracking / Locked.

2) If you're running without a GPS (or have the GPS temporarily disabled), just drag and zoom the screen to where you'd like your position to be and click Transmit. The client will ask if you want to "Move ME To Center?". Just click Yes and your position will continue to beacon at that position until you change it again. This assumes that you have Enables / Tracking Enabled checked.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Craig Leventhal wrote:

How do I set my station as the "center point"

Craig - KI6WLP