APRSIS reinstall issues..


Hey everyone, 

Had to re installs APRSIS32 this evening due to it having become unresponsive.  I downloaded the zip, unzipped and selected the exe and after inputting the required information (call, passkey etc.) and select "ok", the loading scroll just sits there and 'hiccups'...  The program had become unresponsive within the last several days.  Task manager repeatedly says the program is not responding.  It's a new issue for me with the program.  

After terminating the program within task manager, I go through the process again and same thing.   The computer is windows 10 and I confirmed the program is allowed through the antivirus software.



Rob Giuliano

On Wed, Mar 1, 2023 at 09:47 PM, wheelz wrote:
I downloaded the zip, unzipped and selected the exe
Did you unzip the file or run it from within the zip file?
Windows Explorer (File Explorer) will treat the zip file as a folder, but it is NOT a folder.  It is a zip file.
You cannot double click the EXE file from within.

Microsoft has placed many restrictions on folders outside your user folder.  This is especially true of the Programs Files and Programs Files x86 folders. 
It is best to place pre Windows 7 applications (Win32 applications that still require INI files) in a folder under the base structure.
You may have to change permissions on the folder as well.

Rob Giuliano


Hey Rob, 

 Yes sir I changed the folder restrictions as you recommended, all is A-OKAY now-  Up and running again!  Awesome help Rob, thank you!



Morning Rob,   

Could you fine folks further define the "APRSIS port" and "PORT" 's different sections:  I assume in "PORT , APRSIS" ; "I" and "O" is packets coming "IN" and "OUT" and "RCV" and "XMT" is how many packets have been TX'ed and RX'ed in an hours' time correct?  How about the different values such as; "t/p", "t/o", "t/i"  etc...  

Still trying to troubleshoot the Igate/Digis sudden diminishment of packets sent to APRS IS in during the last four days.  All of a sudden it stopped effectively packeting traffic yet the logs appear to indicate successful traffic sent to IS. 


I understand the measure of successful dig'ing and Igate'ing is NOT defined by what "information" is shown on APRS IS traffic sites but a determined in partial, to what the LOGS SHOW.   




Hmm still getting some weird issues:  

First is the scroller is showing this: 

Secondly, I think XML "open/close" commands for the argent tracker 3 are incorrect: 

And shoot, I didnt save a copy of the XML when things were running smoothly either.  Crap 


Rob Giuliano

Please explain what you feel are "weird issues"?
   The wiki has info on the scroller elements (colors and symbols): http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/scroller
# - A pound sign after the callsign indicates that the packet was received from RF inside a 3rd party packet
   @ - An at sign after the callsign indicates that the packet was digipeated by your station

Second.  The simply(KISS) type port assume the TNC is already in KISS mode, so there are no "functional" open/close statement.
Since you appear to be receiving (and DIGI'ing) packets from RF, I don't see why you are questioning the configuration.

Rob Giuliano


Rob, more so curious about these which I cannot find in the wiki.   


Alrighty - All is good now.  Only thing I did differently was edited the XML for the development version and everything is up and runny perfectly so far.  So, something int he developer version worked.  Closed cased.  

Appreciate the help Rob.  Have a great upcoming weekend everyone