AGW "Port 0" (was: Which Log is for the Data-Port?)

Lynn Deffenbaugh

AGW supports multiple radio interfaces into a single instance. These are identified as "Ports" with numbers starting at zero (at least internally).  APRSIS32 processes data received on any AGW port, but only transmits on port zero which is normally the first configured port in AGW.

Eventually I may work out how to handle multiple ports on a single physical connection (be it serial port or AGW/TCP connection), but for now, it only transmits on the "first" port. This applies not only to AGW, but also to multi-port KISS implementations like some Kantronics mutli-port TNCs and possibly DireWolf's Kiss-Over-TCP if DireWolf is running multiple ports and maybe even others that don't come immediately to mind.

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On 11/15/2019 9:12 AM, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
On 11/14/2019 18:08, Rob Giuliano via Groups.Io wrote:

The port definitions you show are ports for the D710's "built in TNC", not AGW
True. I setup both APRS and Packet via APRSIS32's setup pre-caned D710 methods.

In AGWPE I used the Soundcard approach to see/read SignaLink's conn to DATA on the D710 back. This is then made available to APRSIS32 via an "AGW" Pre-Canned port I called but have used localhost too.

I also read that AGWPE MUST see the D710GA in Packet mode when first being activated. Took me  long time to understand why I wasn't seeing AGW thru APRSIS32. (one of many manifestations of my lack of skill-sets with Packet/Kenwood/APRSIS32 interactions).

     I am quite certain that when using the head TNC port, only 1 side of the radio is connected to this internal TNC and thus sent to the attached computer running APRSIS32.

You also appear to have the "data jack" (6-pin audio I/O and PTT) connected through the SignaLink and AGW.  Having both connected,  are you are using the radio for 2 different functions at the same time?  I am quite sure that the radio is not designed for this.

I can address both of your two paragraphs better with some of the screenshots.

First off, let ac knowledge that I understand I loose maybe 3DB or more, whatever, by running the D710GA on the same Frequency Band. So far it is inconsequential.

SO, right-hand channel(B) is on the AX.25 up/down links for the pitifully few Satellites carrying Packet, at the moment.
Screenshot shows USNAP-1 ARISS from the SignaLink connection, the ONLY one with that Frequency. It also show a local, N4TNA beacon.

Left-Hand channel A Band is on APRS.

One screenshot of the Scroller shows my ubiquitous Beacon. I have yet to tell it that I am not testing batteries. But anyway, I left it in SmartBeaconing .... as per one of a dozen GREAT PDF's recommended by people. Randy has a great three page PDF which got me "going" on this lashup, BTW .

I have noted that I must be in Radio-Mode Packet to interface to AGW ...I see though I can't DigiPeat even though I have that setting in D710GA's menu set to Digipeat .

anyway, N4TNA, and my Beacon are copied off Left-Hand (chan A) and Satellites off the right-hand Ch-B 145.825.

Also. I have the program SDR-Console running on 144.390 sending output to VSPE-Line#1 VAC1 ...through AGWPE-Telnet to APRSIS32(port)

So far, The missing SSID problem has not popped up. I am guessing your comment about not trying to tell APRSIS32 to run both Ports at the same time was likely the cause.

The last couple days I have noted a SERIOUS  lack of 144.390 APRS traffic. Neither the 15 element nor the stacked loops has seen anything more than my beacon and N4tna.

This is another manifestation of my limited knowledge of interconnection all this stuff.

I am no sure if you can connect the UISS application and APRSIS32 application at the same time, but I think the AGW protocol can handle it.

UISS has ONE trait that helps me make AX.25 QSO over ISS ... there are three buttons with text fields I can fill in then tap a button and have a UI go out ...if anyone copies the DigiPeat from ISS ... they send something ACKing it back to me and I fore off a 'In The Log Book type call ... and Voila! another grid on 2m (usually).

I can't figure out how tro make APRSIS32 let me INSTANTLY select one of three UI type messages and fire them back up to the bird(s). It's crazy-fast to try to make a 145.825 AX.25 QSO.

 You will have to disable the Port(D710) ones you were using. Using
APRSIS32 with an AGW port will allow the data to be displayed from any stream, however, I am sure it can only TX on "stream zero" - first AGW port.
this I will have to mull-over as I am not sure the connotations nor where Stream-Zed is.

But thanks for the great tips.