New Feature Request

Mark Herson

Hello to the Group,

A while back I asked for a new feature  for APRSISMO (now TestHost?) to enable a user to load a .pos file and have it show up on the map. At the time, Lynn expressed doubt that a .pos file could be imported into Android and be accessible to APRSISMO.

Let's turn that request around..  How about a .KML file? It seems to me that a .KML file would be supported as it is the native location file for Google Earth. After all, Google is the developer of Android, so it would make sense that they would permit a .KML file to live on an Android device and be accessible by apps, especially their own.

So, the formal request: Please enable support in APRSISMO for .KML files. And, while you are at it, please enable support for .KML files in APRSIS32.

Mark, N2MH