Using City GIS files for maps in APRSIS32


Had a callout for our RACES and CERT groups to look for a missing person.  We use APRSIS32 to track our member imbedded in a search team.  Used the phone APRS apps to beacon position.  During this time, the City of Irvine had a guy from their GIS dept to provide maps for the search area. 

So I was wondering, would APRSIS32 support these map files from the City?  If not, what format do the map files/tiles need to be in to work? 

Below is what our City GIS guy says:

Here is some information regarding our internal aerial imagery service. Hopefully your contact can help with the integration. If you need any additional support feel free to contact me.


Imagery URL:


Server URL:





Additional information: This is a publicly accessible server located at City Hall. It is an ArcGIS Server.