Disabled showing in Banner Under APRSIS32

Carmine Prestia

Good afternoon:

I can't seem to find anything here or in the wikidot about this.  I'm running APRSIS32 on a Windows 10 desktop.  APRSIS32 is talking to UZ7HO's Soundmodem and displaying units that are broadcasting RF beacons in my area.

1. At the top of the screen is the menu bar. 
2. Directly under the menu bar is a banner that alternates displaying "APRS-IS OK" and "Soundmodem/Signallink OK". 
3. The word "Disabled" is constantly displayed under the alternating messages.Directly under that is a red line and under that a yellow or green line that progresses across the screen repeatedly.
4. Under all this is the map display.

What is "Disabled"?  I can't find any reference to this.  Any help appreciated.

Thank you.
Carmine, K3CWP

Rob Giuliano

I believe you are referring to Screen Element 27 from this page: http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/doc:screen-elements
This is typically a countdown timer until the next transmission.  If you do not have Menu >Enables >Beaconing Enabled, you will see "Disabled".


Carmine Prestia


That was it, thank you very much.

Carmine, K3CWP