No transmit with MobilinkD TNC2

John Visser, VA3MSV

The set up.
Windows 10 laptop with internal bluetooth disabled at the bios level.
Bluetooth adapter - MSI Star Key Ver 222-BW.  Yes I know it is old.
Radio - using is a Yaesu VX-7R

This setup worked great 3 years ago using UI-View32 on a Windows 7 laptop which died on me.  Using UI-View is not an option now since I do not have the registration information anymore and my request for a resend has failed.

Reason for use of external bluetooth adapter.  This setup is to be used at the net control station for a 2 day charity bike ride.  Net control is basically in a faraday cage with small windows that do not open.  The bluetooth signal did penetrate through the glass.

When testing the new setup, which is basically the same as the old but newer computer and different APRS software, it is not transmitting with APRSIS32.  However, I connect to the TNC with the Mobilinkd configuration program on the computer, it will transmit.  Maybe I am approaching the setup the wrong way.  I figured I could make a direct connection to the TNC like I can with my home station using a KPC 3 instead of using a 3rd party application like Direwolf or AGW.

Any ideas would be helpful.  Mind you, RF APRS for net control may not be an option this year as they will be in a different location and may have buildings blocking the line of sight to the local digi.  There is internet access available since net control will be on a university campus so it will not be a total loss.

John Visser, VA3MSV