anyone have messaging on every day 4 a test?

Arnold Harding - KQ6DI

I am reasonably sure I messed up the settings in one of my IGates, and it won't send Ack's back when a message is sent from nearby stations.  It should be an easy fix, but there is nothing like testing to be sure.
I'm sure some of you have messaging/APRSISCE on 24/7, and it would be nice to know what stations so I can test-ping and know I should get a response.
I have other projects to do at this site, and the day depends when other parts arrive, but I'm hoping for Wednesday morning, California time.
So if someone doesn't mind getting a test ping, please let me know the callsign.
My station is/will be KQ6DI, and I can even be messaged now so I know.
The IGate I need to correct is KQ6DI-1 near Yosemite National Park.
p.s.  It makes me feel bad when I see messages going properly to the destination from someone camping in the mountains, but they never see the Ack.  Oops.
Thanks, Arnold, KQ6DI