30m RPR Stations copied

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Here's my Heard List from WinRPR having run on 30m overnight, after a few restarts as I worked out the configuration:

WinRPR decodes both AX.25 FSK 300, 1200, and 9600 as well as RPR 300 and 600.  I know at least FSK300 and R300/R600 are concurrently decoded from a single audio source.  The "Mod" column above indicates A and R to differentiate, and I know they match where I see the signal in the water fall.

My "RPR Monitor" APRSIS32 instance now has an additional filter of (those being all of the "R" modulation decodes I've had both before and during the overnight run):

e/DK2EZ-10/EI5HBB-10/HB9ZF-10/IR2UFV-5/K4KPN-10/KO0OOO-6/N2PYI-3/N7TTQ-9/VA3PPI-4/VE2GQF-2 b/DK2EZ-10/EI5HBB-10/HB9ZF-10/IR2UFV-5/K4KPN-10/KO0OOO-6/N2PYI-3/N7TTQ-9/VA3PPI-4/VE2GQF-2

I don't know that all of those stations are IGates, so the e/ on them may be ineffectual, but I know they transmitted an RPR signal at least once.  I've ignored the "A" modulation stations for this test.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  Here's a tightly scrunched map of the stations in the monitoring instance in the past 2 hours using the filter above in conjuntion with WinRPR.  The packet scroller is only showing the RF-received packets and I find the lower-case stations rather interesting, but I haven't looked into them in detail yet.