No APRS.FI after creating an AGW port


I finally got around to re-setting up my APRS gateway.  I notice that if you download the software using IE, the maps do not load.  Using Chrome solved that problem.  I set up APRSIS and saw both my location on the computer and APRS.FI.  After I reinstalled AGWPE with a sound card port, I am getting that APRS-IS and the name of the sound port is working, however my location disappeared from APRS.FI.  I did use the TCP/IP port, and was receiving stations on the computer even before I reinstalled AGWPE (ham version).  Since I want to only IGATE (RF to IS, the transmitter is disabled because the antenna  is going to be used as a remote input link to our repeater system.  In APRS-IS I did not see any IGATE symbol (diamond with an I ort R), as I scrolled the available images from 30 to 150.  I previously had an IGATE symbol.

Jerry WB2ZEX (Brooklyn)