Trouble creating a new map tile set

Mark Herson

Hello to the Group,

Perhaps it's me but I'm having a problem creating a new Tile Set in APRSIS32, Development version 2020/05/19 21:42 ("About" window pasted at end of post.)

In the Tile Set window, It seems that using the up/down arrows on the tile server's port only allow the values of 0 or -1.  If I manually enter 80, it will be accepted when saved, but when brought back up to check that things were saved correctly, it  shows a port of 0. (First graphic shows original entry box. Second graphic is what comes back on inspection.)


And, the .XML file shows 0 also. <Port>0</Port>^M   In this condition, tile fetching does not work.
If I edit the .XML file to be 80 and don't touch anything when I bring up APRSIS32, tile fetching works OK.
I've also seen a few cases in this development version where the upgrade from the previous version reset all the port 80's to 0 and broke tile fetching.

I have seen this on both a Win 10 machine and several Linux Debian 10 machines running Wine.

Any ideas of what is going on?

Also, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to remove a tile group. Previously, if I recall correctly, one could disable a tile group under Enables, and then a checkbox would appear in the Tile Set config box. Unchecking the box would remove the configuration. There is a Delete button in the Tile Set config box, but how does one get it to light up?

73, Mark, N2MH


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