Development version loses GPS fix: Windows 10 tablet connected to Kenwood D710A with K6VHF GPS receiver via RT systems cable or Blutronium serial to bluetooth adapter, general release version crashes

Anthony Mascola

Hi all,
I am having trouble with the newest development version of APRSIS32 losing my GPS fix and plotting my position despite my ability to see it in the Kenwood D710 position display in the control head.  The position in APRSIS32 says "no fix" but my position is correctly displayed on the transceiver POS key and received correctly via other iGates as shown on when I beacon from the transceiver without APRSIS32.  I tested this while moving and the transceiver is correctly updating my position and beaconing it out alright.  The general release version from 2012 seems to work for awhile correctly beaconing and plotting my position also but it crashes unexpectedly if run the program for an extended time.  I upgraded to the development version as there was a previous post below from AE5IB and reply from Lynn suggesting this crashing was a problem with receiving certain packets.  I can't get a position fix with my GPS however with the development version with the same port settings.  Neither version is running stably for me unfortunately.  Has anyone else had issues running the D710A with this GPS over a serial to bluetooth adapter or RT systems USB-K5G serial to USB adapter?  This seems like a separate issue than the one AE5IB ran into that follows that as I migrated to the new version however my APRSIS32 had several instances where it would lose the connection with the blutronium and no amount of deleting the device from bluetooth settings or deleting the port and reconfiguring it would restore it and I would periodically have to delete and reinstall APRSIS32 and set it up from scratch to get it going again and it would work for a week or two and crash again.  I would love to get this running stably so that I could count on it.  Any suggestions?

Transceiver: Kenwood D710A with latest firmware
Blutronium Serial to Bluetooth adapter or RT Systems USB K5G serial to USB adapter
Toshiba Encore WT8A32 Windows 10 tablet

I run the RT Systems serial to USB K5G cable on my laptop Windows 10 PC at my base station at home and the serial to Bluetooth adapter on my Tablet in my Jeep so that I can quickly take the tablet up/down from the mount without a lot of wired connections to prevent theft. 

Either serial cable is connected to the back of the D710 display and terminates either in the USB connector or the bluetooth adapter.

When I use the Blutronium. I can find the correct COM port that is identified as the outgoing COM port in the Bluetooth settings on the Tablet (Windows 10 creates two COM Ports, I have selected the one that is outgoing DEV B).  In the development version the serial port options include a "bluetooth" option and the blutronium appears there.  In the production version I select the outgoing COM port as a serial port and configure it that way.

Anthony KJ6OKV


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I have had problems with my Windows 10 laptop using Winlink. 




Windows likes to shut down things when it thinks they are not used. It was shutting down the USB port to the TNC.




Maybe you have a similar problem. 








On Tue, Mar 10, 2020, 8:35 AM Lynn Deffenbaugh <kj4erj@...> wrote:


What version of APRSIS32 does About show you?  If it is the general release from 2012, there are certain packets that can cause it to crash.  If you upgrade to the latest development version, your mysterious disappearance should quit happening.


Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32




PS.  Yes, Bob W9BU, I'm considering moving the current development version to general release before diving back in to make more changes.




On 3/10/2020 9:28 AM, Wayne Morris wrote:


Windows 10 but I have this program in the startup programs. I have verified that it autostarts when Windows boots. Windows is running but the program has stopped.
73's, Wayne, AC5V


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