RF Filter results

Arnold Harding - KQ6DI

Sorry if this sounds negative (but it is).  The result of what everyone suggested on how to filter out a station transmitting something poorly on RF is to use something other than APRSIS32.  I either need a TNC which will filter out the undesired station from being passed on KISS or use UZ7HO Soundmodem which apparently can filter, but not Direwolf that has more options.
Considering the number of options that APRSIS32 has for display, I hope that Lynn can at some point in the future figure out a way to filter out a station on RF from displaying on the screen.
Until then, I will continue to use APRSIS32 because it's just so great. And I'll feed it the RF from Direwolf since I can have Direwolf do so many other things as well.
Arnold, KQ6DI