Kill (Object) vs Kill Stations (was: Filters)


Hi Lynn, thank you for clarification. If not already there, let's add this to the Wiki pages or manual.
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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Ok, to clear up some confusion before it gets worse.  There are TWO different Kills in APRSIS32.

One is "Kill Station" and appears on the normal (left) button click on a station in the popup menu.  Selecting this option will simply remove that station from the map as well as from APRSIS32's internal station list.  It is EXACTLY as if the station had aged out and disappeared normally.  Such action is NOT remembered, and the station WILL re-appear if a new beacon is heard from it.  As noted, it doesn't matter if the station came from RF or -IS, the action is the same.

The other is the "Kill Flag" checkbox in the Object configuration dialog.  This will cause the object packet to be transmitted with the "Kill" flag set causing it to disappear from OTHER people's screens, provided that their APRS client supports the Kill flag.  AFAIK, does NOT support this flag and the object will continue to be there.  If APRSIS32 receives a Kill-flagged object packet, the object will be deleted, provided that it is NOT being followed anywhere.  If the object is being followed, it will go to a Kill Pending state and will finally disappear when all following has ceased.

If you normal (left) click on one of your own objects, the popup will include a "My Object" submenu which further contains a "Kill Object" option.  Selecting that option will actually check the "Kill Flag" in that object's configuration and the behavior will be as described in the previous paragraph.

The Configure / Objects menu also has a "Kill" option within each group's sub-menu.  Selecting this option will set the "Kill Flag" for ALL objects in that group.  See the behavior 2 paragraphs back for what happens then.

Finally, once an object has transmitted a kill-flagged packet some number of times (too lazy to go look at the code), the object will be automatically disabled (uncheck the Enable box).  This will cause the object to no longer beacon until it is manually enabled again.

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On 3/26/2020 2:54 PM, Arnold Harding. - KQ6DI wrote:
Now I understand where 'Kill' is.  It is in YOUR own Object.  When you remove it (from yourself), do you want it to just time-out from others screens, or be removed instantly (Kill).  So it only works on Objects you make.
Arnold, KQ6DI
On March 26, 2020 at 11:25 AM Julian <iulianp@...> wrote:

Hi Min. No shouting - no worries! He he.
Hi agn Arnold.

For some unknown reason I was going more into digipeat blocking rather than showing or not stuff on the APRSIS32 screen. I don't know abt 'kill'. I have never used it. There are some features in APRSIS32 I have never used, sat, DFs etc. The manual states, "Kill Flag. Selecting this tick box, will send out a kill request and remove the object from all receiving stations maps". Object, hmm. Could be.

Arnold, 'kill', as far as I remember is on a Left or Right Click on an object etc. I haven't used APRSIS32 for few months now.

TNC in KISS won't block anything. It has to be a software modem which provides some sort of intelligence, SoundModem or DireWolf.

Pigeons. Roger on the GPS fact, however you've still got to teach them to dive into that antenna, at high speed! ;)

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