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Thanks for the instructions on the maps and options that will show on the screen.

Thanks again.

Lynn Deffenbaugh

And just for clarification:  The left/right arrow keys control the map opacity in 5% increments.  Right makes the map more opaque (darker) and left makes the map less opaque (lighter).  At 95% and 45%, gridsquares are overlay-ed onto the map.  At 0%, the map changes from the normal Mercator projection to a Azimuthal projection centered in the center of the screen.  The latter includes gridsquare lines just to have SOMETHING on the screen since the map is 100% transparent (0% opaque).

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Try pressing on the right arrow several  times ( 15 times at least )I think the map faded.

I hope it helps

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Hi All.
May seem to be a weird question,But my cat walked across my keyboard I think. My map has disappeared and only one that will show up is a Lat./Long. map. I have looked and can not find my original map. Help?.

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