Packet Scroller (was: Which Log is for the Data-Port?)

Lynn Deffenbaugh


You might want to look at the Configure / Scroller options. These affect what packets are put into the packet scoller pane. Of particular interest for your application:

Configure / Scroller / Show IGate/Digi - This will add a second column to the scroller showing the IAge or Digipeater that last copied the packet, at least as far as APRSIS32 can determine. Note that you can see the Aliases that APRSIS32 ignores as the last digipeat via Configure / Aliases / Known.  You can also promote a "Possible" alias to Known via Configure / Aliases / Possible and selecting the one(s) that you would like ignored. This is how local and "state" aliases can become known to APRSIS32.

Configure / Scroller / No Internals - Suppresses internally-generated (*Int*) packets.  This can remove your telemetry indications.

Configure / Scroller / Not ME - Ignores packets originating from Configure / General / MyCall-ssid specificially.

Configure / Scroller / Not Mine - Ignores packets originating from the base callsign (before the dash) of the former.

Configure / Scroller / RF Only - Only shows packets received from ports that APRSIS32 believes to be coming from RF.

Confgiure / Scroller / Show All - Forces all packets to be shown without disrupting the other selections.

Configure / Scroller / Filter... - If you can generate an APRS-IS filter specification, only packets matching the filter will be shown.

Configure / Scroller / Hide NoParse - Mostly for debugging...

Configure / Scroller / FreezeOnClick - Scroller will freeze when you click on it and indicate by a red border.   This is handy when you've got LOTS of traffic going into the scroller and you want to stop it to investigate a few packets.

Also note that all of these settings only apply to NEW packets coming in to APRSIS32.  Existing scroller contents are not modified if these options are changed as those packets have already passed the previous settings.

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On 11/15/2019 9:12 AM, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
One screenshot of the Scroller shows my ubiquitous Beacon. I have yet to tell it that I am not testing batteries. But anyway, I left it in SmartBeaconing .... as per one of a dozen GREAT PDF's recommended by people. Randy has a great three page PDF which got me "going" on this lashup, BTW .