Triggers (was: KAM-XL symbol)

Lynn Deffenbaugh

On 10/22/2019 11:02 AM, Julian wrote:

My question for a new thread is abt triggers in APRSIS, can events be triggered, an object (a defined repeater obj for ex) when a mobile station comes within RF range? Even more, can an event be triggered, a message, packet etc via IS or RF when a station comes in range of a particular area, a park, summit  etc?

APRSISCE/32 doesn't currently support triggers on anything, but I have it on my ToDo list.  In particular, I'd like a notification to pop up when my wife's van is approaching home!

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I bet you are using an enhanced APRSIS version, with all triggers, bells and whistles, leaving the rest of us in peril! He he.
Regards,  J,  M0IPU YO3FCA

R. Patrick Ryan

Made me laugh, reminded me of a feature on APRSdos program version that Bob WB4APR had included.
Basically, the program allowed the user to set a range ring and it would generate an alarm if the area defined was entered by any APRS mobile user.
Then Bob wrote that he would quit playing with APRSdos programming and return to his chores. :)
That took care of the wife, mother-in-law, pesky visitors, too, I imagine.

73 de Pat KC6VVT