Any way to block object or sender? [1 Attachment]

Lynn Deffenbaugh

!Shriek!s are the way to handle what you see during an event.  If you have stations that can't (or won't) insert the !shriek! in their comment, you can simply give them a nickname that includes the !shriek!.  Then you won't see anything you're not interested in.

And no, there isn't any way to "blacklist" anything, especially if it's coming from RF.  On the APRS-IS side, you can always add sufficient -b/station* options to not receive specific stations.  Remember, any APRS-IS filter can be negated.

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On 7/28/2019 4:16 PM, ARNOLD HARDING kq6di@... [aprsisce] wrote:

I've been asking this question for years without any reasonable answer.  Is there any way to block objects or whatever the heck they are coming from one station?  This one station, KJ6DZB-3 is constantly sending junk like this (and it varies) because his tracker is set wrong.  He doesn't seem to care.  I care because it messes up the APRSIS32 screen, and there isn't any way to stop it as far as I know.  Help please on this...  This is via RF, and via internet is even worse.  Try having stuff like this appear on the screen while doing an event!

Arnold, KQ6DI

Gurdon Wolfe

I have checked the filters section and can't seem to find a way to block
DSTAR stations from appearing on my map. Any assistance would be

73, Don