Passthrough NMEA fix (Dev 2018/11/07 15:13)

Lynn Deffenbaugh

In testing ArgentData's new Tracker4, I discovered a minor bug in the configuration handling of ports with GPS/NMEA checked.  This bug can cause the Enable / GPS Enabled to be grayed out and enabled, or to remain grayed out even though a port is available that supplies GPS/NMEA data.  Everything is fine after a restart, but if the GPS/NMEA checkbox is changed, strange behavior could result.  This is fixed and is now consistent.   Enables / GPS Enabled should be available if you have a port with GPS/NMEA checked OR have a dedicated NMEA port configured.

Also, I've updated the ToCalls and Mic-E platform recognition to include Bob's latest from:

If anyone knows one or more stations running an SCS modem, please let me know the callsign-SSID.  I'd like to check them out to see if they are properly recognized.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32