What do these things mean APRSISCE [1 Attachment]

Rob Giuliano

The only packet signals I heard were very early on.
   3-  4 seconds: VERY QUIET 
   8-  9 seconds
 18-19 seconds

Robert Giuliano


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And don't take this the wrong way, but I've attached audio of my radio set to the same frequency as my transmitter, with the transmitter on and nearby with the same frequency. If someone can tell me A. out of that, what is a packet and B. how do I know which, if any, is my packet, I'd be appreciative.

Curtis Wagner

Ok good, so those are packet signals. Now using teraterm, when they come in, the values drop to between 15-40. Adjusting rxamp and/or cdlevel doesn't raise them much but to maybe 50. Using the volume control on the radio, doesn't do much to get them to 55 at most. No offense, but I am following what people tell me. Short of getting out the camcorder I don't know what else to do. You are all helpful, and I appreciate it, but its not like I am not doing what people tell me to do....I just really don't know what else to do. When you hear those packets, that's what I've heard since the beginning, but the monitor values won't adjust to 80-90 no matter what I do.

Curtis Wagner

To answer Lynn's question....BTW, what do you have currently checked in the Configure / Scroller submenu options? It has "Show All" checkmarked

Curtis Wagner

I made a 4 minute video of what I'm seeing if anyone would like to view.......cannot attach here, too big.