PK12 Not Receiving Packets in KISS Mode


Our OEM Communications team has some old Timewave PK12 modems and no budget to replace them at the moment.  They used to use them for regular packet mailboxes.  I am trying to press them into service for APRS and RMS Express.  I can get the modem into KISS mode and it transmits a perfect packet (see AF9W-12).  However, it won't receive packets.  When I open the modem with a terminal program in straight packet mode I can see the APRS packets decoded.   This may not be the best forum for this question but I'm running out of time before this weekend's 24 hour MTB race.  Backup plan is we'll use APRS-IS but we might miss some local packets from foot rovers if they can't get into any digi's.  

What is interesting is that the same startup sequence works just fine on a PK232.   

Any thoughts or troubleshooting tips would be appreciated.  

Bob AF9W


Forgot to attach the PK12 log.