Password Request for APRS-IS

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Taking this to the list for general interest...Background: a new user entered the proper -IS password and has the following behavior:

John Marranca, Jr wrote:
OK...I have my
number entered into my Password box, and I can still see the local
traffic...but I can't "transmit" from the 760. The messages are stuck
in Pending. Does APRSISCE use internet fro 2-way messaging, or is it
for one-way RX only?

jm 73 de KB2HSH
First, after entering a new password, you need to restart the client or at least disable and re-enabled APRS-IS. This isn't obvious, but it IS on my ToDo list to either a) tell you to restart, b) auto-close the client, or c) make the changes dynamically applied.

Two steps to diagnose this one. First, we need to make sure you're verified with the APRS-IS server. Do the following:

1) Bring up the station information popup for Me. The last two lines show the configured and current APRS-IS server in use. Take the last line's IP and put it into your browser with port 14501 (yes, the popup says 14580, but that's for an -IS connect, 14501 is the server's status page.

For instance, my popup says:

I point my browser to and then search the page (Ctrl-F) for my callsign (KJ4ERJ-12 in this case). The fourth column, immediatly to the right of the callsign should say Yes. This indicates that the -IS server got my valid callsign and will accept and forward APRS packets from my connection into the APRS-IS backbone.

2) If that is ok, then we need to diagnose your messaging. I've got a complete writeup on APRS messaging in the Wiki at

To answer your direct questions, APRSISCE uses whatever interfaces are configured for APRS messaging. If you've only got -IS, then it goes that way. If you've got RF interfaces configured (KISS, TEXT, or AGW), then it goes that way. A ToDo item will reduce that to only send out interfaces on which the station was recently heard, but currently it sends messages out all configured interfaces.

I looked at your raw packets ( and it appears that you ARE getting packets into the -IS and you have successfully sent to and received from the EMAIL-2 server. Your message to KB2HSH-9 appears to have gone through retries without getting an acknowledgement. Checking those raw packets (, I see outbound tests from some unidentified TCP client, but no acks. Clueless on what KB2HSH-9 was actually doing at the time.

From what I can see, everything is working fine on the APRSISCE station. (Late breaking new: positive confirmation as I've had an APRS messaging QSO with you just now!). (Late late breaking news, -9 was's messaging interface which doesn't ack any received messages as it isn't really a "station".

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32