Distance between stations

Lynn Deffenbaugh

ki6wlp wrote: (Oops, quoted the wrong post!)

Is there a find function similiar to what aprs.fi has? Also a feature
that would be useful if it not already programmed in would be the ability to check the distance from the users own station to another selected station.
I've already got a "Find" function on the list to do. As for distance
between two stations, just center the screen on one of them (Center from
the popup menu) and then go pull up the other station's popup. The
line that says "Rel:" is relative to the center of the screen, which is
the previously centered station. Make sure you do NOT drag the screen
in the move from the first to the second station as Rel: is always from
the screen center.

If the station popup says "Pos:", then it is the distance and bearing
from "ME" (your own station).

Maybe I need to add a distance/bearing from the Tracking station so that
you can Center on one and still drag around looking for the other
station, but the station popup is getting pretty crowded already on the
smaller screen devices...

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ


Craig - KI6WLP