New Phone and Map Zooming Issues

radiofreq_prod <radiofreq@...>

Hi Lynn,

I have been running a Sprint Touch Pro which has the d-pad (circle multi-function button) like the AT&T Tilt. It functioned with up/down for zoom in/out and left/right for map transparency.

I have recently upgraded to the Sprint Touch Pro 2 which no longer has the d-pad. It only has a zoom in/out slider as seen at the very bottom of this photo:

Is there any way to assign this 'zoom bar' (I guess you would call it) to be able to easily zoom the map in and out as opposed to having to open up the slider keyboard and use the arrows?

Thanks for any input you may have.

Other than that minor issue, APRSISCE is running like a champ on this phone. Even better yet, I don't seem to have the heat issue the Touch Pro/Tilt is so famous for. Plus it's a much bigger screen.

73, Jason, K2ENG (APRSISCE: K2ENG-12)