APRSIS32 iGate for the Kenwood TH-D72A


We need some help for the local Red Cross to set up a Kenwood TH-D72A with APRSIS32 to act as an iGate.

It would be very useful if someone who has actually set up the D72A with APRSIS32 to act as an iGate/Digipeater would create a document to indicate exactly how to set this up: both the D72A menu options and the APRSIS32 options.

Such a document would be VERY useful to emergency services like the Red Cross that need a temporary Digipeater/iGate. Our local emergency services would be very grateful for s set of instructions. Perhaps we could place the document in the "Files" section of this Yahoo Group.

Just enumerating all the menu options chosen in both programs would be of great service to the wider community!

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