Re: MFJ Dropping out of KISS mode...

Greg D

All MFJ TNCs? I have an MF 1278T, and it's definitely stuck in KISS mode. Simply power cycling it does not result in the Cmd: prompt returning. I needed to close down APRSIS32 in some orderly manner (I forget the wrist action I had to employ) to get it back.

The TNC was not new to me, but I think the ROM is stock.

Greg KO6TH

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unfortunately, no.

when we ran mfj tncs for the bbs that needed the mfj to be in kiss mode, we
had to replace the eeprom with a kiss only one, that was aftermarket and i
have no idea where to get them now. besides, i think they cost about the
same as a tt4 or otusb if you could find them now.


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