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Lynn Deffenbaugh

On 5/16/2011 4:51 PM, kc8sfq@... wrote:
I think I saw something in the wiki where I can set an APRSIS-32 parameter to restart the TNC link every X minutes. That might be a work around until my OT2 gets here.

Not exactly.  I suspect you're referring to the Quiet Time setting on the Port configuration page.  This will probably not help you, but you can decide.  The idea is to set this to a value longer than the longest time period expected between packet receptions.  If you're in a busy area, setting this to something like 60 seconds is probably sufficient.  If you're using the TNC on HF, then even 12 hours (worth of seconds) might not be long enough.

If APRSISCE doesn't get any traffic in the configured time period, it will internally disable and re-enable the port.  This means that the s are executed, the connection/port is closed, re-opened, and the s are then executed.  Given that your s put the TNC into KISS mode, this would seem ideal.

However, the problem comes in the definition of "traffic".  Traffic is considered to be ANY data from the port, regardless of whether or not that data is parseable.  This means that the raw packets that are triggering the "Missing leading C0" errors is sufficient to reset the Quiet timer.  So, I suspect it'll never time out.  Back to where you are now.

Depending on what the data is that comes from the TNC, and what the TNC does with output data, you MIGHT be able to configure a TEXT port and disable Xmit on it.  A TEXT mode port expects a fully-TNC2 formatted ASCII packet on the inbound side and will transmit a fully formed TNC2 packet on the output side.  The input will probably work, but I suspect the TNC wants to put its own AX.25 header on the outbound so you'd end up transmitting invalid packets.  But at least you could be receiving over RF while waiting for the OT2m to come in.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  Once I get back into having time for development, I'm hoping to support a HOST/CONVerse mode TNC which will do its own MYCALL and UNPROTO xxxx VIA yyyyy, and CONVerse commands to transmit packets.  It won't work as a Digi (because it can't transmit used* path components), but should work as a bi-directional IGATE.

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